HCFC        O.D.S Ozone Depleting Substances
R-22 – Cholorodifluoromethane

Used in domestic and industrial air-conditioning and refrigeration.

Available in 950, 60 or 55 kg returnable cylinders and 13.6 kg disposable cylinders.

R-23 – Trifluoromethane

A specialty low temperature refrigerant.

Available in a 30 kg returnable cylinder.

R-123 - Dichlorotrifluoroethane

A very low ozone-depleting compound for use in centrifugal chillers.

Available in 100 kg net steel drums.

R-141b - Dichlorofluoroethane

HCFC 141b is the leading blowing agent for use in rigid foam insulation applications PU (Polyurethane).

Available in 250 kg net steel drums.

R-142b - Chlorodifluoroethane

Is the blowing agent for PS (Polystyrene).

Available in 60 kg returnable cylinders and 13.6 disposable cylinders.

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